Monday, March 22, 2010

Jamelyn & Andy's cake

When I first came to this country, 7 years ago, none of my education was accepted anywhere, and it was very difficult to get a job. So I started housecleaning. One of my very first housecleaning clients went by the name of Jamelyn. I cleaned 3 different houses for Jamelyn as she moved over the years. About two years ago, she decided to quit her job and hence didn't need a housecleaner anymore. So for about two years, I didn't clean for her. Then she emailed me last August and asked if I was willing to come back. I did... but had to quit a few months later because of the hectic pace of nursing school. She did, however, ask me to make her wedding cake as she and her very kind and friendly boyfriend were getting married. They got married this past weekend and I was fortunate enough to make their wedding cake. They really liked the idea of a topsy turvy cake, so this is what we came up with...

The top tier was banana with white chocolate ganache for filling, middle tier - coconut with white chocolate ganache and the bottom tier was chocolate with chocolate ganache. It was all covered in fondant and then buttercream scrollwork in the same white as the fondant.

I made all the flowers out of gum paste. There were roses, peonies and tulips...


  1. Oh my gosh you are so talented!!!

    This is Amanda from cakecentral... just loving all you do!

  2. Thanks Amanda! I have been so busy, i didn't even know there were comments in the blog! I'll check out your site as soon as i get the chance.