Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pam and Roy's cake

Pam is a chaplain at a hospital nearby. I came to know her when I went to speak to her as I struggled with the death of my mom and the reality of moving to a completely different country. We soon became very good friends, and when the time came for her to marry Roy, she contacted me to make her wedding cake. She was really excited about her cake. They were both excited about the cake. It was refreshing to see the groom really interested in the cake! It was a little tricky to make their colors (spice and white) look good on a cake. This is what I came up with:

They said it looked prettier than they ever imagined.

The buttons are to match the ones on Pam's wedding dress.

I really loved the topper of this cake! People came up when I was dismantling the cake and they saw me take it off and were shocked to see me take off the roses and that they were gum paste. They were like... "They're not real?!!!!!"
It was a BEAUTIFUL  cake day! Everyone was happy!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas cakes

Well, its December! Always puts me in a mood for a "christmasy" cake! Last year I made this one:

The year before that I made these to put on a ganache-drizzled cake:

And this year, I made these:

This year's are my favorites so far! Now I just need to put them on a cake. I'll do that and post pictures by the end of this week! Wish me luck!

So this is what I came up with for these poinsettias. I think the cake came out pretty good. I almost didn't want to have to cut it!

Darci's Birthday cake...

This cake was actually really made out of one cake:

I cut out a wedge of the cake and decorated it to match the rest of the cake.... Everything is edible too, including the candle!

Eden's 1st birthday cake

Here's a cake I made for my favorite little girl on her first birthday:

I enjoyed making the ribbon rose and smiling flowers!!!

She enjoyed looking at the cake and eating it too!!!!

Rainbow cake

This cake was not for any particular occasion, I just wanted to make a fun cake. So from the outside, it looked like your regular, average decorated cake:

....But the fun actually started when you cut it!

Very colorful and quite a surprise to cut into!!!

Candice's Birthday cake...

I just started nursing school in September, and have met some nice people in my class, one of them being Candice! We had a week-long break for Thanksgiving, and her birthday just happened to be the day before we came back to school. So we had cake for her when we came back to school on Monday. She liked it a lot!  As you can see, it made her smile!!!

Everything is edible on her cake. Top layer was pumpkin and bottom layer was a marbled chocolate and vanilla, filled with IMBC!!!! It was pretty good!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Noah and Bronwynne's wedding cake

My husband works with Noah, so he had asked my husband if he thought I would be willing to make the cake for his upcoming wedding. Of course I said sure! In no time at all, I was meeting with his fiancee. She wanted something that was simpler in color, so this is what we settled for. Their wedding was at the Queen Ann Victorian Mansion in North Portland. The funny thing is that Noah doesn't like cake, but he loves apple pie. In addition to the cake, I ended up making him an apple pie! They just had their first anniversary, and as a surprise for him, Bronwynne asked me to make him an apple pie.

Their cake was covered in fondant and decorated with fondant drapes and gumpaste roses with fondant silver pearl borders. The baseboard was covered with teal colored fondant since their colors were white, teal and silver.

Julia's cake

I placed an ad once on craigslist for cakes and Julia responded to my ad by emailing a request to get together to talk about her wedding cake. We met at a nearby mall along with her mom and dad. We all immediately took a liking to each other. I had brought cake samples that they all enjoyed. Right then and there they not only hired me to make their wedding cake, but her mom asked me to make the bridal shower cake as well. Her colors were pink, black and silver.
When I delivered the Bridal Shower cake, her mother looked at it and started to cry and just hugged me.

Shortly thereafter she sent me an invitation to her wedding!

For her wedding cake, I made a stencil from her wedding invitation and painted it onto her top tier. We delivered it to the Vancouver, Wa. Hilton and people just loved it!

The shoes and flowers on her shower cake were gumpaste, and the purse was rice crispies treats. Her cake topper was made of gumpaste roses airbrushed a sparkly pink!

Julia was a fun bride! She was great to work with and I was sooo happy to give her the cake of her dreams.  Her husband and parents were very nice too!