Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rainbow cake

This cake was not for any particular occasion, I just wanted to make a fun cake. So from the outside, it looked like your regular, average decorated cake:

....But the fun actually started when you cut it!

Very colorful and quite a surprise to cut into!!!


  1. How did you get this cake to look like this? could you email me and let me know.

    thanks-I am just starting out the cake thing and am truly a beginner.


  2. HI Shauna... I just sent you an email with directions!

  3. Hi... I saw your link through cake central.... ur peonie toturial is very helpful... thanks!!! love your blog and your colorful cake.... that woud be kewl to learn (hint... hint...) hehehehe.... keep up the great work...
    here is are sites... visit it some time....

  4. Hi Sharon,
    I've seen your tutorial on Peony in I'm working on have a look and if you like send me your answer to then like others I'll post it with your profile, link and whatever you like others know about you. Or just leave your answer in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

    Yours sincerely,


  5. Hi Maryam... I didn't even realize I had comment from you. I briefly checked out your blog and LOVED it. I started to follow it immediately. Feel free to put stuff from my blog on yours.