Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pam and Roy's cake

Pam is a chaplain at a hospital nearby. I came to know her when I went to speak to her as I struggled with the death of my mom and the reality of moving to a completely different country. We soon became very good friends, and when the time came for her to marry Roy, she contacted me to make her wedding cake. She was really excited about her cake. They were both excited about the cake. It was refreshing to see the groom really interested in the cake! It was a little tricky to make their colors (spice and white) look good on a cake. This is what I came up with:

They said it looked prettier than they ever imagined.

The buttons are to match the ones on Pam's wedding dress.

I really loved the topper of this cake! People came up when I was dismantling the cake and they saw me take it off and were shocked to see me take off the roses and that they were gum paste. They were like... "They're not real?!!!!!"
It was a BEAUTIFUL  cake day! Everyone was happy!

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