Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ashton and Nate's Wedding cake

A nice lady from my husband's work told him her daughter was getting married and they were looking for a wedding cake... would it be possible to meet with me to talk about it. Of course I said sure. Ashton, the beautiful bride, had the design of her cake already in mind. She wanted black scroll work, dot flowers and leaves around the sides of her cake with a sort of cranberry red ribbon border on each tier. She wasn't sure what she wanted for the topper to be so I suggested a peony in the same color of the ribbon. She said sure... she liked peonies. This was her cake... Three tiers, all vanilla. Top tier with vanilla buttercream filling, second tier with cream cheese filling and the bottom tier with chocolate ganache filling.

The peony topper from above...

I never met or saw the groom for this wedding but both the bride and the mother of the bride were thrilled with the cake. I'm glad they were because this wedding took place when it was very hot! There is always some worry when delivering a cake in hot weather that things might start to melt or slide or something. Thankfully, this went really well!

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